Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back to Boston I go!

Greetings my blogger friends!

I have some exciting news to share. I am heading back to Boston! I've accepted the position as Artistic Director at YOFES and so will be soon packing my bags and heading back east.
Although I am sad to leave Kids 4 Harmony, I am very excited about getting back to YOFES.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have served as Director of Kids 4 Harmony. I am also very proud of the program's successes over the past year. We have come a long way. Our kids are beginning to understand the concept of working together as a team to achieve the same musical goal. They have performed exceptionally well in all of their public appearances, especially considering that most of them have only played their instruments for 5 months. Kids 4 Harmony has won a place in this community and I am proud of this achievement.

  • Pittsfield Mayor Daniel L. Bianchi had this to say about Kids 4 Harmony: "This is the kind of program that I think will change lives and that will change our community".

It has been an exciting experience to be part of developing a new program and it has brought me great joy to see it all come to fruition.  I am delighted to have been part of bringing El Sistema to Western Massachusetts. The groundwork has been laid and will allow for the program to grow and have much success. I look forward to hearing of Kids 4 Harmony's continued progress as it carries on its mission of changing lives through music.

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