Monday, January 3, 2011

The year of changes!

A new year is upon us, a year of big changes!

In my last blog of 2010, I mentioned to you our seminar with Ellen Pfeifer, public relations manager for the New England Conservatory. We ended the year talking about press releases and learning a bit about managing the media, both good and bad. You may or may not be aware that El Sistema USA is starting 2011 facing some big changes, especially regarding its partnership with NEC.  I want to share with you an article published in today's Boston Globe where Ellen Pfeifer attempts to clear up some of the doubts that always accompany change : “We are not abandoning our commitment to El Sistema USA or the Abreu Fellows".

 I encourage you to read the full Globe article: El Sistema USA may have to leave NEC, Boston.

2011 is a new year, and for me it's a year of changes. This year, I will be a graduate of the Abreu Fellowship Program. This year I will be starting a new chapter in my life, an exciting one. I know some people are always apprehensive about change, but this year I welcome change. With change comes new beginnings, new adventures and new triumphs. I am starting this year in the best place possible, in Venezuela with my husband and daughter. I can't think of a better way to start a new year.

Our schedule from January to May will be packed. We start back with seminars on the 18th and will be preparing for our concert wich will be a collaboration between NEC faculty, Abreu Fellows, and students from the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Brighton. I am especially excited about this concert because I get to play Brahms G major sextet with Fellows Isabel Trautwein, Laura Jekel, Adrienne Taylor, and NEC faculty.  I will keep you posted on the time and date later. We are scheduled to fly to Venezuela on Feb. 14th. We will spend two months in Venezuela, traveling, observing, writting case studies, and learning everything we can on how El Sistema works in Venezuela.
Upon our return to the U.S. we will be heading out on our individual three-week long internships in cities all across the States, from New York City to Los Angeles CA. It's going to be a packed semester!

2011, the year of changes. I am ready, are you?

If you have any questions please contact me or leave a comment so let's share 'Notes'

"A la gente le incomodan los cambios pero es atraves de los cambios que se han logrado cosas maravillosas en la historia de la humanidad" JAM


Laura's Blog said...

I love the quote you posted at the bottom. I completely agree. Very much looking forward to playing Brahms with you!

Marie said...

Thanks Laura....just a little comment Jorge made while we were talking about looking forward to this year. See you soon in Boston!

Adina Izarra said...

:And this year I will finish my Masters degree because I am super woman and I will not only cover wonderfully my ABreufellow programmes but also excel finishing everything else...:
I am waiting for you.
cheers!!! Me encanta que te vaya tan super bien!! todo lo mejor para ti!!